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By Qumran
Sep 5, 2022
ראובן מס 131 , ירושלים, ישראל 9723603, Israel

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LOT 23:

Extremely rare! "Kame letter" in sacred handwriting and signed by the Kabbal Rebbe Baba Elazar Abu Hachira.

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$ 800
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Extremely rare! "Kame letter" in sacred handwriting and signed by the Kabbal Rebbe Baba Elazar Abu Hachira.
Extremely rare! A letter in holy handwriting and the signature of the accepted rebbe Baba Elazar Abu Hachira.
The letter is full of blessings for the holy seed, against the evil eye, health and wealth.
From the contents of the letter you get a glimpse of the rabbi's great work and concern for others.
Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzira's letters are few and rare, and no other letters from him are known.
Rabbi Elazar Abu Hatchira known by his nickname 'Baba Elazar' - [578-571], the son of saints - the son of 'Baba Meir', and the grandson of 'Baba Sali' and above in the Holy of Holies. It is named after Rabbi Elazar ben Rashbi this because before Rabbi Elazar was born, Baba Sali saw Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in a night vision. During the covenant, Baba Sali recited over him the verse "Ein L'a R'atha a 'Lokim Zholtach', whose initials form his name. From this instructive expression, one can learn about the preciousness and the root of the newborn's soul. crowds of people every day, But few got to see his face. There are countless stories about the enormous power of his blessings and advice and crowds would flock to receive his advice and blessing. In the year 1971 he was murdered by a man who came to ask for his blessing, and pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death. At the end of the seven days, Israel's chief rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar wrote a lament for his memory in the style of lamentation for Tisha B'av.

The letter was purchased from the son of Rabbi Yahya Iloz of Ashdod, the right-hand man of the Rabbi who wrote the letter.
Dimensions: 23*16 cm.
Specifications: Very good, fold marks.

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