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Sep 5, 2022
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LOT 11:

Birat Migdal Eaz - copy of Rabbi Yitzchak Kaeffer Madaesh and Rabbi Yehoshua Segal Deitsch - Lemberg 1860

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Birat Migdal Eaz - copy of Rabbi Yitzchak Kaeffer Madaesh and Rabbi Yehoshua Segal Deitsch - Lemberg 1860
Sefer Birat Migdal Eaz, the third part of the Siddur of the Ya'avz, by the Gaon Rabbi Ya'akov Emdin, published by Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Ha'Shil in R.G. Drucker, Lamberg 1861 (1861)
On the other side of the cover page were printed the agreements of Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl and Rabbi of Rozhin on the 16th edition.
On the cover page there are stamps and a record of ownership: "This book belongs to me in the name of K. Yitzchak Krapfer" "Yitzhak Krapfer, Chief Executive Officer of Da'esh Torah Holders Da'esh"
Another signature on the cover page: "Yohshua Deitsch HaLevi", cf. is the Gaon Rabbi Yehoshua Segal Deitsch Abd Katmon.
Two glosses in the script.
The Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Krapfer: student of the 'Arugut Hashem' in Khost and the 'Etzi Chaim' of Sighet, known for his learning and sharpness and his passionate sermons. He lived in 'Daedash' and founded there the company 'Michichigi Torah' which established and managed Torah Talmuds in the city, he also managed the yeshiva of the Gaon Rabbi Mordechai Brisek in Taschand Naekda during the Holocaust of Europe.
The Gaon Rabbi Yehoshua Segal Deitch: (1954 - 1989) was a rabbi in Romania and Hungary before the war, rabbi of the Katmon neighborhood in Jerusalem and head of the Belza yeshiva.
Our Rebbe was born to his great father, Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Segal Deitsch, who was Rabbi of Akva, studied with Maharitz Dushinskiu and with Rebbe Mahari Satmer, and crouched under the shadow of Admor'i Belza and the shadow of the Holiness of Rabbi Yeshailah of Karestir.
When he came of age, he married the daughter of the Gaon Rabbi David Sferber Rabbi of Brasov. He was appointed to the position of the "youngest rabbi" in the city. For the AHMC he served as the Rabbi of Vasharaeli in Hungary.
In 579 he immigrated to Israel with his great father-in-law and settled in Jerusalem. He was appointed rabbi of the Katmon neighborhood and served as head of the Belza yeshiva. He worked a lot to enlarge the Torah and make it great by printing many books both of our contemporaries and of his ancestors and rabbis, one of his daughters was Rabbi Sheindel, the wife of Rabbi Yeshuat Moshe of Miznitz.
Specification: [1] [114] ; D; h; [45] d; 23.5 cm.
Condition: very good, some stains, moth holes with minor damage to the text on the last page, rebound.

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