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Sep 5, 2022
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LOT 17:

A long and fascinating agreement in the manuscript of Maran the Menchat Yitzchak - 1976.

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A long and fascinating agreement in the manuscript of Maran the Menchat Yitzchak - 1976.
A long and fascinating letter of acceptance by Maran HaGaon Rabbi Yitzchak Ya'akov Weiss - the 'Menchat Yitzchak', about a contrast in the importance of speaking in the 'Yiddish' language.
Among the things our Rabbi writes sternly against those who change the accepted language of speech - Yiddish to the language of Hebrew: "What leads to some corruption, of him who got used to changing their language to the spoken language which also led to changing the accent of the prayers and everything in the sacred which is not They went out in their prayer and as explained in my book (13339) AiS...." He goes on to write "that getting used to his language being the language of the state makes him used to hearing and reading their books which have spread over the whole country full of abominations and rabies"...
All of the aforementioned will be prevented when "we grow up and command our sons and daughters to follow us as our ancestors did and to speak in their language" then "they will keep their way in the way of God... and the Torah will not be forgotten from Israel...
 Maran the Menchat Yitzchak - Hagaon Rabbi Yitzchak Ya'akov Weiss (1952 - 559) was a well-known and famous rabbi and arbitrator and the Rabbi of the 'Eda Haredi'.
Our rabbi was born in the town of 'Dolina' in Galicia to a father who was a Ziditschov Chasid, and preached Torah to the boys in the city of Monkatesh, at a young age he also came to Monkatesh and learned Torah from his father when at the age of 16 (!) he was ordained to teach by the GHC, the owner of the 'Menchat Elazar' from Monkatesh, and at the age 19 was also authorized to judge.
Already in these years, he began to publish the words of his Torah in various Torah journals and monthlies, and his great abilities in the field of teaching and practical halacha were evident. After his marriage to the daughter of Ger. Pinchas Tsimtboim Abd Grosverdein, he moved to live next to his father-in-law and served as a judge at his father-in-law's court and crouched in the shadow of Maran Ha'Havat Israel from Miznitz.
During the terrible holocaust, he was employed in forced labor by the Nazis, and at the end of it, he returned to Grosverdein and served as the rabbi of the community there. . During this period, the name of our rabbis began to be known as a distinct arbiter - he began publishing his famous books 'Menchat Yitzchak', and entrusted the teaching of many rabbis who sheltered under his shadow.
After the passing away of the Gaon Rabbi Pinchas Afstein - Rabbi of the 'Eda Haredi', our Rabbi was called by the GHC Mahari of Satmer to serve as a dean in the 'Eda Haredi', first he served as the deputy of the new Rabbi - the Gaon Rabbi David Jungreiz , and in the year 1772, he was appointed to the Rabod.
With the passing of the Rabbi of Satmar, our rabbi was appointed to serve as an honorary chaplain of the 'Eda Haredi', a position he held until his death in 559. Our rabbi's name is engraved in letters of gold in the list of the most famous halachic judges of the last generation, and his well-known books Menchat Yitzchak' constitute an institutional foundation in the tradition of halachic ruling.
Specifications: [1] sheet of paper, 21 / 20 cm.
Condition: good, fold marks and creases, minor pen corrections and small cuts made by the publisher without damage to the text.