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Sep 5, 2022
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LOT 3:

The distribution of the inheritance of Rabbi Matthei Sandberg under the signature of Rabbi Meir Marim Makaverin's ...

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The distribution of the inheritance of Rabbi Matthei Sandberg under the signature of Rabbi Meir Marim Makaverin's daughter and with the approval of Rabbi Moshe Kliers - 1733
Agreement on the distribution of the property and inheritance of the tzaddik gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Mattiyo Sandberg, one of the dignified figures of Hasidic Salonim in Tiberias and who served as an administrator including Raisin in Tiberias and the administrators of the 'Or Torah' Yeshiva, founded by the Rebbe of the 'Dabri Shmuel' of Salonim together with the Rabbi Moshe Kliers and Rabbi Noah Weinberg.
In this agreement, the property of the deceased is divided into three parts, with the largest part remaining in the possession of his widow - Rabbi Sara Hasha, who was the daughter of Rabbi Meir Marim Abd Kabrin and the owner of the 'Nir' on the 'Yerushalmi', and the remaining two parts are divided between His two daughters, 'Toiva Gitel Mintzberg', the wife of the Chassid Rabbi Pinchas Mintzberg who filled his father-in-law's place in the Yeshiva's management, and 'Barcha Esther Werner' the first wife of the rabbi of Tiberias HaHaK Rabbi Asher Ze'ev Werner ztzel.
After the request from the Office of the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem to issue a certificate of inheritance for the above, Rabbi Sarah HaShea Sandberg, Mrs. Tuibi Gitil Mintzberg and her husband Rabbi Pinchas come to sign, and in the name of Mrs. Bracha Esther Werner, who lived in the USA during those years, where her husband served as a rabbi - Hatham Hega" K. Rabbi Moshe Clears - Rabbi Tiberias. After that he adds and writes that "they are the only heirs of the above-mentioned deceased, and signs a second time with a copy and his official seal.
There is also a stamp of the Chief Rabbinate indicating that the document was received.
Specifications: [1] sheet of paper typed on a typewriter, 21 / 23 cm.
Condition: very good, fold marks and small tears in place with minor damage to the text.