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Sep 5, 2022
ראובן מס 131 , ירושלים, ישראל 9723603, Israel

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LOT 10:

Hassidism first edition - Amri Kadosh - Strelisk - Lemberg 1871.

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Hassidism first edition - Amri Kadosh - Strelisk - Lemberg 1871.
Sefer Amri Kadosh, sacred discourses by Rabbi Uri Mestrelisk, tzallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, copied from the text of Rabbi Ze'ev Wolff (Vavuttashi) of Lviv, published by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Zagil, first edition, Lemberg 1870
Rabbi Uri of Stralisk: (1756-1825) was one of the famous fathers of Hasidism, he was a student of Rabbi Shlomo of Kerlin, he was born following the blessing of the Maggid of Mezrich to his mother who gave birth to a son who will be a light that will shine on the world, and he will be called HaSharf ' in the name of his prayers in the blade of holy fire according to the way of Rabbi Makarlin.
After the murder of his rabbi, he also began to lead Hasidim in practice in the city of Lviv and the AHMC in Strelisk.
Specifications: [12] sheet, 16 cm.
Condition: Good, inaccurate page cutting with title damage on several pages, no binding.

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