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By Qumran
Sep 5, 2022
ראובן מס 131 , ירושלים, ישראל 9723603, Israel

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LOT 14:

Lakoti Shoshen from the Harak Meswaran - first edition - Lamberg 1871 - fascinating stamp.

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$ 120
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Lakoti Shoshen from the Harak Meswaran - first edition - Lamberg 1871 - fascinating stamp.
Sefer Lakoti Shoshen, by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi of Saveran, compiled by his student Rabbi Azriel Dov Halevi Abd Karsan, published by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Zagil, first edition, Lemberg 1872
On the last page is the signature of Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Hartman, and next to it is the seal of Rabbi Elazar Mordechai Kaenig - the father of Rabbi Gedaliah Aharon Kaenig, who founded and led the Chasidic community of Breslav in Safed (!)
Rabbi Elazar Mordechai Kaenig himself was a Chassid of Kuznitz from 'Lodz', his son Garja became a Chassid in Breslav after his acquaintance with the Chassid Rabbi Avraham Sternherz ztzel.

Rabbi Moshe Zvi of Sovaran: (1945 - 1988) one of the greatest righteous men of his generation, a student of Rabbi Baruch of Mazjibuz, the 'Kedusht Levi' and more. After the passing away of Harak Maafta, he was considered the elder of the tzaddiki of the generation and thousands of Hassidim gathered under his shadow, he was also revered and sanctified by the tzaddiki of his generation who even traveled to him at times. In addition, our rabbi was a president including his family and worked a lot for the poor of the USA.
Specifications: 23 pages, 16 cm.
Condition: good, stains, no binding, wear, uneven cutting of pages, small tears in the margin without damage to the text.

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