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Dutch Shlomo An-ski Judaica portrait medal of Jewish Historical Museum c.1979

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Dutch Shlomo An-ski Judaica portrait medal of Jewish Historical Museum c.1979
Netherlands: Shlomo Ansky ("An-ski") medal of the Dutch Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, circa. 1979; cast bronze (no discernable maker mark); 76mm, 134.8g: features a portrait of An-ski in a tarboosh hat (see photo) adorned by the legend "Joods Historisch Museum" on obverse, and a Yiddish dedication to him in Hebrew letters on the reverse ("Yiddischer Kultur-Verein 'Sh. An-Ski'") and the dates 1921-1979 over an image of a Jewish "Menorah" (candelabra) with a small figure at the top-center of a religious Jew studying. Sh. An-ski (1863-1920) was the pen-name of the Russian Jew, Shlomo Zeilenvil (Zangwill) Rapaport (also "Shloyme Zanvl Rappoport"), an author, poet and stagewrite in Yiddish and Russian; composer of the play "The Dybbuk" and of the hymn, "Die Shvue" ("The Oath") for the Jewish-Socialist "Bund" movement. He was raised Hassidic religious though left the faith and joined the Socialist movement and became active there, only to return to his Jewish roots at the turn of the 20th Century and began writing in Yiddish, collecting Jewish folk tales. He was active in Jewish charity and salvation work during the First World War, fled Russia for Vilna and then Poland, during the Russian Revolution and died in Poland. A search reveals a sole connection to a " Jewish Cultural Society" spelled in Hebraicized Yiddish as on the medal existed in Vienna, at least in 1927, and the dates shown on the medal may be a reference to it. A lovely design, in AU-UNC.

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