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Torah Mantle - Le'eluy Nishmat Rabbi Yaakov Slonim of Hebron

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Torah Mantle - Le'eluy Nishmat Rabbi Yaakov Slonim of Hebron

Torah Mantle Le'eluy Nishmat  Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Slonim of Hebron, and his wife the rabbinical Chaya Tzvia - from their daughter Miriam Pesker.

Torah crown and tablets of the covenant - embroidery of gold threads.

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Moshe Slonim (1880-1937), the last Ashkenazi rabbi of Hebron. In 1912, the city of Hebron was established under the instruction of Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom Duber Schneerson the "Torat Emet" yeshiva, there taught Rabbi Ya'akov Slonim. He was heavily involved in the purchase of land for Jews in the city, and at the age of only 18 he turned to the Zionist institutions and offered to purchase land and build agricultural settlements. After World War I, the state of the community was in bad shape, due to the fact that many of its Settle had to be exiled because they were foreign subjects and lost their lands, at which time Rabbi Slonim was appointed rabbi of the Ashkenazi community, with the goal of restoring his community to pre-war and even betterment. Apart from the Torah leadership of the community, he was given financial and social missions, and succeeded in regaining ownership of the Romano house, etc. He became very famous in his actions for the rise of the Slobodka Yeshiva to Eretz Israel in order to bring the yeshiva to the city of the Avot. On Saturday, the 18th of Menachem Av 1929, riots took place in Hebron. Abu Shaker, the Arab landlord whose home is where Rabbi Slonim, defended Rabbi Slonim by his body, his family and other people who believed that the rabbi was protected and chose to stay at his house during the pogrom. The rioters injured Abu Shaker but he did not give up, and the residents of the house were rescued. During the Sabbath, Rabbi Slonim risked his life and left his home to influence the heads of government and police to stop the murder. His son and daughter were murdered in the pogrom. As a result of the death of his son and daughter, he was broken, and did not recover until his death, on the twelfth day of Tishrei 1937.

57x36 cm. cracking at the bottom of the Mantle. Good condition.