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LOT 204:

Rechov HaYehudim B'Vilna - Moshe Vorobeichic -Photographs. - Zurich-Leipzig 1929-1931

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Rechov HaYehudim B'Vilna - Moshe Vorobeichic -Photographs. - Zurich-Leipzig 1929-1931

The Jewish Street in Vilnius (Vilna). 65 photographs by Moshe Vorovichik [Raviv], with an introduction by Zalman Schneur. Zurich-Leipzig, 1929-1931.

Raviv's first photo book, in which he combined montage and photo montage techniques with combinations of light and shadow, and low shooting angles. These unique photographs depict the life of the Jews in Vilnius (Vilna) between the two world wars. Among the photographs documented, Jewish architecture, Jewish commercial life, Jewish figures in the courtyard of the synagogue and in the Jewish quarter of Vilnius, the Clues, Beit Midrash HaGra, children, young people, and adults, etc. The photographs that first appeared here are the top of the works done in the field of Hebrew photography, as well as in the field of historical documentation of Vilna Jewry between the two wars, and have been widely published around the world on countless stages over the years.

6, [1] page, 64 picture plates; 7, [1] page, 19 cm. Hebrew and German. Title page and foreword in Hebrew and in German, and an explanation beside each picture in Hebrew and in German. good condition.